1Future™ is a global platform that educates and empowers multi-generational and diverse audiences with stories of social change and innovation.

1Future™ produces media, art, education programs and events to build solutions for the pressing issues of our time.

What we do
1Future™ creates content with media makers, politicians, activists, organizers, filmmakers, musicians, visual artists, educators, business people and social entrepreneurs from around the world through events and programs to share with large, international audiences.

1Future™’s immersive educational experiences, social media engagement and television programs create unique common ground for dialogue, insight and solutions for social issues to inspire a better future.

Projects and television programs developed by 1Future™ have reached over 750 million impressions through television, traditional newspaper and social media audiences.
Learn. Create. Share. Act.

1Future™ makes
• Television programs for global audiences.
• Digital short content for online distribution and social media amplification.
• Live Events: Concerts, art exhibitions, film screenings, immersive experiences with in depth dialogues with thought leaders.
• Education Programs: Learning how we can achieve social innovation through creative workshop with art, journalism, music, filmmaking, design, entrepreneurship, fashion, architecture, urban planning, entrepreneurship and peace building.

Executive Team
Executive Director, Cannon Hersey
CCO (Chief Content Officer), Taku Nishimae
CEO (Chief Education Officer), Henry Cross
Director of Business Development and Innovation, Roger Sichel
Director (Tokyo), Akira Fujimoto
Director (Hiroshima), Mari Ishiko
Director (ELEANOR), Martha Williams
Business Director, Atsushi Imai
Legal, Lori Hoberman, Hoberman Law Partners
Development Director, Bahiyah Robinson
Sponsorship Director, Jody Weiss
Associate, Yohei Fujimoto
Accounting, Regen & Mackenzie
Media Director (US), Solly Granatstein
Content Director (Japan), Ken Hirama
Brand Manager, Julie Fahnestock
Content Director (NY), Kazunori Kurimoto
Content Director (Projection + Time lapse) Peter Bill
Media + Social Media Manager, Junchen Huang
Education Director (US), Shannon Shird
Education Program Director, Alexis Mena
Education Director (Japan), Kohei Mochizuki
Institutional Partners
Disruptor Foundation / Tribeca Film Festival
Hiroshima Peace Culture Center
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Andrew Freedman Home
Lincoln Center for Performing Arts