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By listening to the darkest moments of history, we can shape the future

ZERO Project is a celebration of Hiroshima as a city of social change and innovation

Proposal for ZERO Project March/April 2020

ZERO Project began in 2015, reaching 165+ million impressions through workshops, events, and media.

Our goal is to reach a billion people by the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombings in 2020. Join us.

Watch ZERO Project + Disruptor Awards Hiroshima

ZERO Project Logo (1-Line)

@Kyu-nichi-gin, Former Bank of Japan, Hiroshima

This is not our First Rodeo

Creative Workshops | Art Exhibition | Film Festival

Creative Workshops

Media + design workshops with the Anabuki Design School + Chugoku Shimbun’s Young Writers Program to understand what resilience means to youth in Hiroshima.

These workshops have evolved over several years to include content published on Chugoko Shimbun Website and projected live in Kyu-Nichi-gin and at the Peace Park in Hiroshima

Silkscreen T-shirt Workshop

Silkscreen T-shirt and design workshop w/ Cannon Hersey + Akira Fujimoto based on 1Future’s Make Money to Make Change model.

Media Workshop

Content creation and social media workshop w/ Peter Bill, Taku Nishimae, + Michiyuki Ozeki. Participants will create short-form content for ZERO Project and Chugoku Shimbun’s Peace Media Center.

2021 Workshop

What’s next? The future of social innovation after 2020 w/ Akira Fujimoto, Cannon Hersey + Taku Nishimae

Nuclear Deterrence

Multiple Exhibitions of art by International Artists Including: Akira Fujimoto, Cannon Hersey, Kenichi Asano, and

Film Festival

Socially impactful films from around the world w/ United People
(Film Distribution / Kenji Sekine)

ZERO Project Logo (1-Line)

Citywide, Hiroshima

March/April 2020 Program

Dialogue | Workshops | Art Exhibition | Film Screenings
| Performances | Survivor Tree Planting Ceremony

Disruptor Awards Hiroshima @ Orizuru Tower


Roundtable discussions between youth + thought leaders on environment, community, human rights + social innovation

2017 Thought Leaders

Dr. William Perry, former Secretary of Defense

Koko Kondo, Peace Activist & Hiroshima Survivor

Atsushi Imai, VC, former head of Sony CSR

Tomoko Watanabe, ANT- Hiroshima

Craig Hatkoff, Founder, Tribeca FIlm Festival & Disruptor Foundation

Stephen Ham, Vice President, Wildlife Conservation Society

Kyosuke Inoue, NHK Enterprise and bestselling author

Reverend Gashin Kayo, Myoukei-in Temple

Rabbi Irwin Kula, Center for Learning and Leadership

Pradeep Sharma, Provost, Rhode Island School of Design

Michiyuki Ozeki, Social Producer

Toshiko Tanaka, Hibakusha Survivor

2017 Youth Participants

Ritsumeikan University

Kansai University

Doshisha University

Keio University

Hiroshima University

Kansei-Gakuin University

Hiroshima-Jogakuin University

Anabuki Design School Kansai University

Peace Industrial Complex

Opportunities to meet w/ local + global leaders working in social innovation, sustainability + peace tourism

Video Projection Workshop

Content creation + alternative modes of sharing video in the public
w/ Peter Bill

Music Workshop

W/ Hiroki Okano + Junko Okano

Photography Workshop

W/ Toshiaki Takata

Survivor Tree Planting Ceremony

W/ a survivor tree sapling from 9/11 + Hiroshima

Organized in partnership w/ the Mayor Matsui, City of Hiroshima, Mayors for Peace, Disruptor Foundation, John Bowne High School, 9/11 Memorial Museum + Bartlett Farms

The Disruptor Awards Hiroshima, the Disruptor Foundation’s first international award ceremony, celebrates breakthroughs occurring at the intersection of technology + culture that create unforeseen solutions for some of our world’s most vexing problems.


Disruptor Awards Hiroshima 2020 Host

Actor, director, artist, and businessman, Yusuke Iseya, and his Rebirth Project will join Zero Project and Disruptor Awards Hiroshima as a high-level participant, fundraiser, and social innovation partner organization.

Disruptor Awards Hiroshima 2017 Recipients

Motoharu Sano, Musician

William J. Perry, Former US Secretary of Defense

Tomoko Watanabe, ANT-Hiroshima and Green Legacy Project

Koko Kondo, Survivor and Peace Activist

Seitaro Kuroda, Artist

Akira Fujimoto, Artist and Social Entrepreneur, Rebirth Project

Erika Abiko, Activist, Social Book Cafe “Hachidori-Sha”

Kenji Ekuan, Industrial Designer

Kyosuke Inoue, NHK World producer and bestselling author


The 2017 Disruptor Awards Hiroshima were sponsored by the Gerald and Janet Carrus Foundation, Disruptor Foundation, + Center for Learning and Leadership

City as Museum

Public projections on buildings and digital storytelling on media panels throughout Hiroshima in partnership w/ Chugoku Shimbun

Short-form content from the 2018 ZERO Project Media Workshop and international open call

Musical Performances + Collaborations

Paul Miller aka Dj Spooky

Hiroki Okano

Christien Lien, Violist

Gomess, Rapper


W/ a Hibaku Piano (A-bomb survivor piano)


NYC | August 5, 2019
City as Museum
Outdoor projection at Anita’s Way, a highly trafficked walkway in Time’s Square, in partnership with Chashama + throughout the city


BASEL, MIAMI | December 2018
Exhibition of Cannon Hersey and Akira Fujimoto at
Scope Art Fair
Fearless Artist Media Pop Up Exhibition in Wynwood
Organic Chemistry exhibition, Shore Club Miami
City as Museum, outdoor projection across Miami


TOKYO | 2019
Projection and exhibition of Zero Project throughout Tokyo


Producing television about pivotal moments and extraordinary individuals

Producing television about pivotal moments and extraordinary individuals



“Hiroshima Revealed”
(3 x 50 min. documentaries with NHK World and NHK BS1)

“Detroit Revealed”
(50 min. documentary with NHK World and NHK BS1)

“Manzanar Revealed”
(50 min. documentary with NHK World and NHK BS1)

“Not Yet Free – Motoharu Sano Special”
(60 min. documentary with NHK BS1)

“Social Impact Special”
(60 min. documentary with NHK BS1)

“William Perry Special”
(100 min. documentary with NHK BS1)

“William Perry in Okinawa”
(50 min. documentary with NHK ETV)

“Direct Talk with Beatrice Fihn”
(15 min. documentary with NHK World )

“Direct Talk with Craig Hatkoff”
(15 min. documentary with NHK World )


News Programs

NHK World
NHK Hiroshima
Hiroshima TV
Hiroshima Home TV

Hiroshima Peace Media Center

Screenshot of Chugoku Shimnun's Hiroshima Peace Media Center

ZERO Project is a social innovation forum and online platform with content on Chugoku Shimbun’s Hiroshima Peace Media Center

Other online platforms for ZERO Project include: 1FUTURE.COMNHK World, @1Futurepresents

Storytellers of Social Change and Innovation
Since 2015, 1Future has delivered major programs + created media in Japan, USA + South Africa, reaching 560+ million impressions

Media Coverage
National Public Radio (NPR)
New York Times
NHK World
Wall Street Journal
Chugoku Shimbun
Asahi Shimbum

Lead Partners

Since 2015 and through 2020 | Zengo, inc.

Since 2016 and through 2020 | Hiroshima International Culture Foundation

Since 2017 through 2020 | Disruptor Foundation and the Center for Learning and Leadership

From 2018 | Peace Culture Village will partner again with Zero Project after raising significant funds in 2015

Community Partners

Anabuki Design School

The Myoukein Temple

Intersection 611 Gallery

The Hurleyville Arts Centre

911 Memorial

John Bowne High School

Bartlett Farms

Government Partners

Mayors for Peace

Mayor Matsui of Hiroshima

Mayor Taue of Nagasaki

City of Hiroshima

Hiroshima Board of Education

Join us in our goal to reach a billion people by the 75th Anniversary of the atomic bombing in 2020


Cannon Hersey
+1 845 559 8828

Taku Nishimae
+1 917 450 4921